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My grandfathers zoomorial (zoom memorial) was a couple days ago. It was a wonderful tribute with his closest friends and family. I spoke briefly about the importance of voting. An incredible artist and entertainer, but his activism was incredible. In his honor, please vote!!

What. Ever. For a guy who has spent his life in politics, you either don’t know it or deliberately obfuscate. If these two aren’t moderate Dems, who isn’t far left? A Manchin-Kasich ticket? That “moderate” enough for you?

Ari Fleischer@AriFleischer

Biden-Harris is a weakness that will acquiese to the far-left of the D party. There is nothing moderate about either.

As the son of the man who vetted Eagleton, my dad always said it hurt, but certainly didn’t cost McGovern a landslide loss. VP picks haven’t helped meaningfully since LBJ. But they can hurt.

Bijan C. Bayne@bijancbayne

Pure speculation: How much, if @ all, did dumping Eagleton hurt McGovern?

Wait. I’ve read the list a couple of times now. John Kasich is speaking at the Democratic National Convention and @SenSherrodBrown is not?
How does this make any sense at all???

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