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More on @JulianCastro from a personal side. Although I report for a smaller cable network, he always gave me the time and attention that are more often associated with the big networks. To me it always said a lot about how he saw the world. I’ll not forget that.

So @juliancastro in leaving takes with him a record of having pushed issues on a daily basis that no other candidate did; on behalf of the homeless, the indigenous and immigrants. He also brazenly criticized IA and NH going first. Castro profoundly enhanced his national profile.

My daughter decided to do her first lemonade stand today: on New Year’s Eve. My wife was her first customer, and when no one else came, dressed in disguise to be her second customer, too.

Everyone’s listing what they’re proud of this decade, and for me, it’s these two weirdos.

The breakout stars of last nights Toast to 2019 on NBC were @dateline_keith & my brother @JoshMankiewicz. @DatelineNBC

Ossie & Ruby
Sophia & Marcello
McQueen & Weld
McQueen & Ann-Margret
McQueen & Dunaway
McQueen & the mitt
Barbara & Fred
DiCaprio & Pitt (not kidding)
Thelma & Louise
Poitier & Steiger
Benjamin & Mrs. Robinson
Lemmon & Matthau
Cassavetes & Rowlands
Butch & Sundance
Tango & Cash


If we were putting a list together of our favorite classic movie couples, Nick and Nora Charles would be up there. Who else would you have?

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